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Here’s what is on it’s way to me right now… I always love it when the box pages update so that I can see exactly what I’m getting, instead of wondering how big a sample will be, etc.

birdie Bb March14(Photo via birchbox.com)

Well … at least it’s a six item box? That is really the only bright side for me here, other than theBalm blush – because I’m obsessed with both blush and theBalm.

Otherwise, not excited at all. Dark chocolate is fine, but I’m of the opinion that fruit in chocolate should be BANNED. I don’t have curly hair. I have enough skincare to last a LIFETIME. And that lotion is literally something that I’ve picked up in a sub-par hotel.

I think I’ll enjoy having 60 more points, though…  =)

Bijou’s box arrived yesterday, bizarrely early. She’s somewhat underwhelmed as well…

bijou Bb March14(Photo via birchbox.com)

Although it must be said that the Jergen’s lotion is really fab for winter legs that are entering into spring/summer mode.

Full reviews of February’s box soon, now that I’ve had the chance to really test everything out. And who knows, maybe something in March’s box will be a surprising find. If not, here’s to April being absolutely over-the-top fantastic!!!