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Here’s the thing: I’m a lazy, lazy person. In my head, I’m the kind of girl that gets up at 4:30 AM to make a 5 AM Cycle class. But the reality is… no, I’m SO not that girl. But I also need to keep fitting into my skinny jeans.

My devious work-around to my laziness is the lunch-time workout. There it is, a shining hour of me-time, right smack in the middle of the workday. Sure, you could stuff your face with a quick sandwich over checking to see if Tom and Lorenzo have posted anything new, or, you could take that hour of me-time and get some crunches and cardio in while blasting the new Beyonce album.

So when I don’t have other appointments or conflicts, I take option 2. Don’t you get sweaty and gross, you ask? Well, no. I don’t do wind sprints for my lunchtime workout. Vigorous cardio, yes. Stretching, light weights and yoga, yes. Wind sprints, no. You have to be selective with the lunch-time workout. And you also have to Be Prepared. Capital B, Capital P. Because nobody ever got a successful lunch-time workout in by Being Unprepared.

be preparedI keep my gym bag in my car at all times, along with my workout shoes and clothes. That way, I’m never at a loss when I get to the gym or wasting ten minutes rummaging around trying to find socks. I also keep a few sets of fresh under-things in my gym bag so I can always change post-workout. This goes a long way towards feeling fresh and ready to go back to work – no explanation necessary.

I have a makeup bag, as well as a separate beauty bag. If I know I have a meeting in the afternoon and will want to touch up something specific, I pack accordingly in the morning (ie, a certain color of eyeshadow).

But, my makeup bag always contains the following:
Powder – right now, it’s the last of the lovely Revlon powder
Brow pencil/brush – my trusty It Cosmetics pencil/brush duo
Cheek stain – Stainiac by TheBalm accentuates that post-workout flush
Foundation – a little jar of my favorite Lancôme
Chella highlighter pencil – this little pencil does everything & anything
Perfume vial – sadly not pictured, because I finished a vial and forgot to repack!
Skin blotters – An absolute must.

makeupmustsMy beauty bag contains all of the other necessities that help me refresh post-workout. Such as:

Witch Hazel wipes – these little gems came in an Allure Beauty Box & are perfect for
days when I haven’t sweated up a storm (thus becoming a shower in a packet).
Deodorant – of course
Hairspray – to freshen up that hair & lock it back into place
Body lotion – Dark Kiss is the ultimate B&BB scent, IMO

I also keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and mouthwash on hand in this bag.

bodybasicsTa da! With all of these items on hand, I’m always prepared and able to squeeze in a great workout in the middle of the day. I always find it interesting to read “in the bag” or “daily routine” posts on other beauty blogs, so thought it would be fun to share here.

How about you? Are you a morning, lunch or evening workout type? What’s in your bag, gym or otherwise?