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January’s Birchbox was slightly underwhelming. I feel like I’ve gotten a few underwhelming boxes in a row, and from what I read on other blogs and on social media, I’m not alone. Please, please, please don’t become lame, Birchbox! I need you to whelm me!!

I received Box 31, which contained five items:

January14 bb31[photo from birchbox.com]

I ended up being pretty enthusiastic about the two hair items, fairly meh on both body/face items, and fairly smitten with the makeup.

Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner
I like the idea of dry conditioner – because as much as I adore dry shampoo, it can leave my ends looking rather dry and sad by the time Day Three rolls around (I try to only shampoo every three days). I think the key to this product, for me, is to spray it on my palms and work it through the ends, rather than spraying it directly on the hair. I liked the effect much better when applied this way. Spraying it directly onto the hair just seemed to make it rather limp and lifeless.

Coastal Scents® Revealed Palette Set
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by these eyeshadows. The pigmentation was fantastic and the colors were very nice. I know Birchbox has sampled Coastal Scents in the past but this was my first time trying the brand. I think the reason I was surprised that the product was decent was because the packaging and branding is SO bad. I mean, Coastal Scents? Is it me, or does that sound like a crappy line of candles that you might find on sale at WalMart?

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy™
I kind of forgot this was hand cream and ended up using it as body cream during a rather frigid trip to the East Coast last month. It was perfectly nice, but again, the packaging and branding just felt off to me. Not something I would necessarily go out of my way to purchase, but a nice enough sample to have on hand (no pun intended!).

Paula’s Choice RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
I feel completely saturated with skincare right now. I have a zillion little tubes and pumps and bottles and none of them are really wowing me. So I did try this but wasn’t bowled over by the results – my skin has just not been great lately so I’m trying to stick to a certain routine.

Under Armour Braided Mini Headband
This was definitely my favorite sample. So cute and kept my hair in check even during a long run. It’s rare for me to find headbands that don’t slip around, and/or do a good job of keeping my thick hair in place – but this one hit all the marks. The one I received was blue & purple, not the colors in my box photo above. Kind of random to be my favorite thing from a *beauty* sub, but I really, really love this headband!!!

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? Have you been slightly underwhelmed lately, or is Birchbox still hitting the marks for you? I do have to say, the February box photo just updated on my page, and the sample sizes for my February box look pretty fantastic, so am looking forward to February dazzling me a little bit more than the past few months have.