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THEN: A CoverGirl compact in every purse
then covergirl(photo via covergirl.com)

Despite being beyond trendy right now, the 90’s were not always kind. Especially to those of us who were still finding our way, beauty and style – wise, and experimenting with looks that benefit no one, such as pencil thin brows, garish pastel nail polish, and whipping out your CoverGirl compact to powder your face every five minutes. Even now, years removed, I can still smell that insanely strong powdery scent – and don’t even get me started on the little puff applicator. Pictures from that time reveal a cakey, slightly orange visage. Which, admittedly, was probably much more due to user error and mid-90’s makeup formulations than anything else.

Now: A light dusting of powder to calm down the T-zone
now revlon
(photo via revlon.com)

Copious internet research led me to the joys of Revlon’s Nearly Naked line. The powder is finely milled and goes on light and natural. Applying it with a light touch and a nice face brush (I’m still in love with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) doesn’t hurt, either. And instead of a heavy dose of powder every hour on the hour, a la the 90’s, a quick dusting of the T-zone in the morning is all I need.