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Soooo, this happened:

Birchbox points haul 2Is there anything better than seeing “Grand Total: $0.00” at the end of a large beauty order? Plus, I even scored 50 bonus points for the Gimme Brow, how cool is that?

I got trigger happy and hit “place order” a few weeks ago – despite still waiting on my 13 month anniversary code. I was *really* wanting the amika mini-blow dryer and I was afraid it would sell out, as it was getting a lot of coverage on beauty blogs and forums.

Here’s the haul… and please note, I ordered on a Friday morning and had this in hand by the following Monday. Good on ya, Birchbox!

Birchbox points haul 1Right up front is my Mystery Pick-Two – a Bulgari perfume sample (meh) and a Supergoop skin serum (meh? Although it has good reviews.) So that was kind of a bust, especially considering some Mystery packs I’ve seen, but hey, you take your chances.

As I already blogged, a few of these items were HG’s for me, so I’m loving having full-size versions at my disposal. The Gimme Brow is very cool, the Instain blush is GORGEOUS (Gawsh, I love you, TheBalm!), and the amika dryer is beyond cute and surprisingly effective for such a little guy (gal?). The only thing I haven’t tried to date is the Embryolisse – just waiting for the weather to get a little colder so my skin doesn’t throw a hissy fit and the supposedly crazy moisturizing benefits.

Tell me, what do you think of my order? What would YOU have ordered with 800 points?