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About two months ago, we started getting really obsessed with learning about makeup brushes. After going through every palette, kit, and other products with brushes that we had, here was our brush collection:

brushing up
Hmmm. Not *too* shabby for makeup novices, but it definitely need some brushing up (ha) and rounding out to make it a little bit more functional for us.

There’s nothing we love more than reading other beauty blogs to research products/ideas, so we powered up and started reading. Kate over at The Small Things (one of our faves – we want her hair!!) has some great posts about brushes – not only what you need to start out, but what you can add over time to round our your collection. Beautylish and Refinery29 also have some great info on brushes – types, brands and where to start.

Pretty much everything we read recommended two brands above all others – at least in terms of affordable, in-our-range brushes – Sonia Kashuk (Target) and Real Techniques (Walgreens, WalMart).

We picked up a 5 piece kit from Sonia that has a foundation brush (kit no longer online but similar brush can be found here) that – no joke – changed our life. Foundation goes on evenly, lasts longer, and looks like perfection. All 5 brushes are soft beyond belief with fancy printed handles that make us feel like we paid $100 instead of $12 for these.

With our recent Walgreens order, we picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection which is a set of four face brushes. While we wish the foundation brush were a bit bigger, the blush/powder and highlighter brushes (second from right and far right in the pic below) are absolutely fantastic.

real techniquesAll in all, if you haven’t jumped on the brush bandwagon, we’d heartily recommend it. It makes sense – if you want your makeup to look good and be long lasting, it helps to have the right tools. Actually, we think if we had figured this out earlier in life, we wouldn’t have had such a love/hate relationship with makeup! C’est la vie, though.

What are your favorite brush brands or types? Do tell!