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I wish I was fancy enough to write this entire post in French. You’ll have to be satisfied with an “ooh la la” every now and again, instead.


I first sampled the Juliette Has A Gun brand about a year ago – in the scent Mad Madame – via Birchbox. I became absolutely obsessed with it and was actually planning on buying a full (spendy spendy) bottle as an early Christmas present … to myself. Until I was perusing reviews on Birchbox’s product page for Mad Madame, and saw a review that mentioned a Juliette Has A Gun 9 piece scent sampler – their “Discovery Kit” – for a mere 10 euros (roughly $13).

Here’s what I got to sample, along with my notes about each fragrance. I’ve linked to the appropriate Fragrantica page when possible – I love perfume but I’m not able to talk discuss it in-depth like those Fragrantica posters are!

Citizen Queen: Not my fave; very powdery
Calamity J: Very nice; masculine
Lady Vengence: LOVE, might be a tie with Mad Madame??
Mad Madame: My original love; so happy to have another sample!
Midnight Oud: Uhhhh, way too much patchouli/muskiness.
Miss Charming: Love! Rose, little bit of fruit, very fresh.
Not A Perfume: Didn’t smell like much? I think that’s the point??
Romantina: Nice – more of a traditional, powdery rose.
Vengence Extreme: Nice but maybe too much patchouli?

The packaging on this set was adorably chic – including a “note” from Romano Ricci, the founder of Juliette Has A Gun (pictured above). Each vial was packaged in an individual envelope that came with a description of the scent (picture at top of post). Also worth noting that the vials were had a spray dispenser, instead of a stopper – I much prefer a spray when dealing with sample vials, so appreciated this.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to commit to one “signature scent” because I like wearing different types of perfume for different occasions, moods, etc. I actually love perfume samples because it makes it easy to get through a whole “bottle”. I’d highly recommend this Discovery Kit to anyone who loves perfume, and/or is interested in trying more of what Juliette Has A Gun has to offer.

Do you have a signature scent? Tell me about it!