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Nothing like a well-timed magazine article – thanks, page 130 of November Glamour – to remind us that we’ve been remiss in our blogging duties. We promised you a three-part depotting series and kind of never posted the last part.

Read Part One and Part Two to get caught up…

Depotting was a great de-stresser for us and a great way to spend a no-buy month. It was a fun DIY project (and we are generally NOT crafty DIY types) and gave us a better overview of what we have in our makeup stash, and what we might need to round it out.

Depot_BeforeAll of the above products were stashed in drawers and on our dressing table, making it hard to remember exactly what we had on hand.

And now, we are perfectly organized!

Depot_AfterAs of this initial depotting project, we have a palette for champagne and pink eyeshadows (top, middle), another for darker brown and colored eyeshadows (top left), and a palette of cream blushes and lipsticks that we use as blush.

How about it – are you going to give depotting a try? Or do you depot your makeup already? If so, share some of your tips below!