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It’s kind of hard to believe that birdie & I weren’t “in” to nail polish until about a year ago. I don’t even think I painted my nails on a regular basis before 2013, other than the occasional, half-hearted attempt at nail strengthener treatments.

But, becoming a Julep Maven really made us turn a corner on this front. I re-organized my polish stash recently and couldn’t resist the urge to make a beautiful Julep rainbow…

Julep stashOrganization, it’s a beautiful thing! By my count, I have close to 60 polishes now and a third of those are Julep. Which of course, is super tame compared to most nail polish stashes out there, but feels like quite the stash to this nail novice.

Out of all of these, what are the two I always reach for? Drumroll please…

fave polishI probably use one or the other of these at least once a month: Pink Pong by Sally Hansen (Complete Salon Manicure line – which is heaven on a drugstore shelf!) and Ginger by Julep. Both are gorgeous neutrals, have fantastic formulas, and last for days.

Polishing my nails has really become a fun, relaxing thing for me – and an easy way to pamper myself on the cheap. I have a whole routine now on Sunday nights – I’ll snap some pics and blog about it in more detail later. I always thought people that did their own nails had some sort of superhuman ability – how do they not get the polish all over the skin like I always do?? – but it really is a “practice makes perfect” endeavor. And while I’m not perfect, I’ve gotten *much* better at it.

What’s your favorite trick for at-home manicures? What polish are you currently wearing? Do tell.