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What are The Randoms, you ask? It’s those products that are surprising – whether you weren’t expecting to like it, or it didn’t quite look like what you expected but turned out great anyways. I’ve got quite a few of these so I’m thinking this might be an ongoing series of posts.

First up for The Randoms – Laino Strawberry “Lip Stick”. Laino’s website refers to these as lipsticks, but they are absolutely more of a lip balm, hence the quotation marks.

I found these at a pharmacy in Paris – and not just any pharmacy, but the holiest of all holies, City Pharma. I can’t even begin to describe the claustrophobic delight that is City Pharma. It definitely deserves its own post, so I’ll put that on the To Do list. I’m lucky enough to be able to travel to Paris quite often – both for work and for play. It’s cliche, but it really is one of the most amazing, beautiful cities in the whole world.

On a trip last year, I popped into City Pharma. Well, actually, no one really “pops in” to City Pharma – it’s more of a carefully plotting, getting your elbows ready for warfare, kind of visit. But I digress. Pharmacies are always great places to find little gifts to take back home for family and friends – from lip balm to toothpaste to shower gel, I guarantee you that a fancy pharmacy treat will bring a smile to people’s faces.

To that end, I grabbed a few of these Laino balms, including one for myself in the Strawberry flavor. Aren’t they cute? Don’t they look like a fab little gift?

lainoSo imagine my crestfallen expression when I opened up the tube later that day, to find that it looked like something a five-year old would get in one of those princess makeup kits for kids…

laino lipstickBUT, to my immense surprise, it left me with a lovely satin-y *matte* pink lip – totally subdued and appropriate for a variety of makeup situations. I will often reach for this when I do a heavier or more dramatic eye. The color and matte-ness of it is a really nice balance. It’s a great find – much more of a lip “product” than just a basic lip balm, and SO much more that the five-year-old princess product that it looks like on first glance.

How about you – what are your Randoms? Anyone else have City Pharma war stories to share?