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During August, which was our first ever “no-buy” month, we embarked on a huge organizing streak. There’s something about not being the self-imposed mandate of not being able to buy anything that makes it necessary (and rewarding!) to go through what you already have. We took an inventory, and really re-examined what our personal pitfalls are (for birdie, it’s hair products; for bijou, it’s nail polish).

Part of reorganizing was moving things around in a way that makes sense and keeps them visible. We know that’s a very “duh!” statement, but think about it: of course we keep on buying products we don’t really need – because it’s hard to remember that you shouldn’t buy that pretty, shimmery brown eye shadow when the ten you already have are stuffed in the back of your overstuffed makeup drawer.

organized drawer
This is an after pic … the before pic was accidentally deleted, but just imagine a much messier, crammed full drawer.

Here are a few things we tried:
De-potting eyeshadows and blushes, to have a much better view of what we have.
– Re-using adorable candle jars – we used this tutorial here, thanks Gemsmaquillage! – to make pretty storage containers for our eyeliners and brushes
– Completely revamping the way our makeup drawer was set up, and using up several of the empty Birchboxes we’d been hoarding
– Taking an actual inventory of everything we had in our stash: makeup, hair products, and skincare. We used Evernote, which is a great app we already had. It’s easy to access on phones, so the next time we are contemplating a bronzer, we can pull up our list and see that we actually already have ten bronzers, thankyouverymuch.

Tell us – have you ever had a successful no-buy month and/or gone on an organizing binge? How do you manage your stash?