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I feel like everyone in the world but me probably knew this already… but did you know that Caboodles are still a thing?!??

Yes indeed, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, they are still around! I had no idea. They look a lot more upscale than the blue and pink plastic version that I had in the early ’90’s, though.

CaboodleThis isn’t the exact model I had, but pretty close. Ahh, the memories!

I wish I knew what happened to it. I’m sure it got lost somewhere in the purges that naturally happen when you move from being a pre-teen to a full-fledged teenager and then on to a college aged young adult.

I remember *begging* my mom for one, even though I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up. I was finally allowed to wear clear mascara when I was in junior high and that was basically the biggest development in my life up to that point.

Just a little 80’s/90’s nostalgia to start the week off right. Did you have a Caboodle when you were young? Are you more with it than me and actually already knew they were still around??