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Getting this up a little late. Having a hard time finding really helpful, concrete things to say about my August box. Which probably is indicative of my feelings towards it. It wasn’t a total dud, but there wasn’t anything that really stood out for me, at least not yet.

The Stila lip gloss is GORGE and I was so happy that I received the bright red color. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but that’s why I love Birchbox, in a nutshell – they get me out of my comfort zone from time to time. I haven’t actually worn it much yet, but I have a feeling that I’ll be reaching for it often once fall and winter roll around.

The Whish products were okay. Much better than the terrible shaving cream from a few months ago. I got about three uses out of the body wash and it had a nice scent, but it wasn’t anything that I would probably buy a full-size version of … the deodorant wipe went straight into my gym bag and I haven’t used it yet. I do love products like that that are gym-bag ready. I’m sure I will put it to good use during a lunchtime workout sometime soon.

The KMS heat spray is another one that I haven’t used much yet, because I’m anti-blow drying during the summer months. It’s already so ridiculously hot outside, I’m not going to spend twenty minutes blowing hot air in the general direction of my face. It’s just, ugh, can’t do it. Again, I think this is a product that I’ll reach for more and more as we get into the cooler months.

The OC8 Mattifying Gel was really interesting. I’ve used one of the two packets I’ve received – and it was on one of the hottest days of the past month *and* I was running around like a crazy person for work, going from inside to outside multiple times. The primer definitely worked and kept my makeup looking good. It was very sticky going on, and I’ve already found an HG mattifying product – the My moisturizer that I sampled earlier last year – so I probably won’t purchase a full-size version of this.

I continue to really adore Birchbox and I’m super excited for the September box – especially the Ruffian polish that everyone will receive. Don’t get me wrong – August was good, it just wasn’t GOOD, if you know what I mean?