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To briefly summarize, when it comes to de-potting, do your research (check), block off time and assemble everything you’ll need (check and check), and prepare to fail (check – numerous times!).

Once I had massacred my cheap-o palette, I tackled the tarte palette next. This proved to be a much easier task, just based on the packaging of the palette. I moved on to my single eyeshadows by MAC and CoverGirl, as well as the cardboard stila palette.

Emboldened by success – please note that each time I got a pan free, I would cackle and say, “this is so much fun!!!” while getting strange looks from my housemates – I moved on to three single Lancome shadows. I was a little nervous with these because they are gorgeous shadows, and I didn’t want to crack or break them in any way. They ended up being easier than I thought, though.

Depot_3From top to bottom: an “after” shot of an empty pan with the shadow removed, an untouched eyeshadow, and a freed pan ready to be magnetized and placed in a palette.

With a few of the more stubborn pans, I used a small candle and held the product directly over the flame (balanced on scissors) for 10-15 seconds at a time, until I was able to loosen the edges of the pan and pry it out.

Depot_4This worked well, with the exception of the NYC palette in the photo above, ironically. I worked on it from different angles (heat, metal tool) and never got the pans out.

Once I had all my palettes disassembled, and the bottom of the pans clean of residual glue/paper/whatever (this is where the rubbing alcohol and q-tips come in handy), they were ready to be magnetized.

Depot_5I cut small strips of the magnetized tape and affixed a piece to the bottom of each pan.

Then (are you ready? This is the exciting part!!), they were ready to be placed in their new home…

Depot_6TA DA!!! I mean, I don’t even think you have to be OCD to appreciate that. The picture above shows the stila eyeshadow pans – and believe me, I spent a good 30+ minutes fussing with the different sized pans and getting everything organized the way I wanted it. In a perfect world, I’d de-pot all circle pans into one palette, squares into another, etc.

More pictures of the final results and some additional tips and tricks in my final de-potting post next Friday.