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My August Julep box FINALLY arrived, after a week of my mailman running around with it in the back of his truck.

Julep August 2
Here’s what came in my box, with the official Julep descriptions of each color:

Amity – Classic with a Twist: White gold metallic (Champagne Trio)
Clio – Bombshell: Silver, pink, & lavender glitter (Champagne Trio)
Reiko – It Girl: Rose gold metallic (Champagne Trio)
Sylvia – Classic with a Twist: Lilac purple crème
Veronica – Classic with a Twist: Modern mauve crème
Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick: This no-mess shea butter treatment nourishes and moisturizes feet, stimulates circulation, and prevents blisters.

And here’s the line-up again, as I was doing the swatching stickers so everyone could get filed neatly away in the nail polish drawer:

Julep August 1
Initial thoughts? I’m even more in love with the Champagne Trio now that I’ve seen them in person. They are GORGE. I’m concocting a mani for this weekend that will use all three.

And actually, Sylvia & Veronica aren’t bad either. I wasn’t wowed by any of the offerings and basically only got a box this month so I could add on the Trio, but I like both colors much better in person. And they both go well with the Champagne Trio, too.

The foot stick is sort of meh, and I was actually pretty excited about it. I have Julep’s Warming Foot Scrub from an earlier box and WOW does that work (in terms of warming). I was expecting something along these lines from the stick, but it appears to just be moisturizing (which is great, but doesn’t make it a WOW product, IMHO).


PS – Don’t worry, this box was selected and purchased (and hit the trusty credit card) in July. It’s DAY TWELVE of our No-Buy month and we are going strong. There has been many a cart-Tetris game played over the past 12 days, but we’ve stayed strong and never clicked “purchase”.