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Helllllo, Birchbox lovers! Birdie here. Recently – as in, the week before last – my much beloved Birchbox gave us the chance to score not one, but two, special limited edition boxes filled with products that were finalists and/or winners for the 2013 CEW Beauty Awards.

As I already shared on here and Twitter, I caved and got both boxes (Mass and Prestige), along with some La Fresh wipes (mostly to get my total up so I would qualify for a Pick 2 AND free shipping, all in one fell swoop) and a Pick 2 Sample Pack.

ABM Birchbox HaulI’m also going to give myself a little pat on the back for getting the price down (see order details below) and for scoring the best Pick 2 Sample Pack of ALL TIME. (Seriously, do you see that shower gel on the right hand side there? It’s a beast of a sample, at 3.3 oz!)

A few quick thoughts on the products I’ve used so far…

– I was immediately disappointed with the Julep color I received – “Sally”, an antique ivory creme and even MORE disappointed after wearing it. A giant pile of fail.
– I now definitely understand the fuss on the blogosphere about the Simple eye roll-on is all about. I’m not a big undereye cream person – even though I should be – but the roll-on applicator makes it too easy to forgot to use and I love the cooling sensation.
– The brow pencil is intriguing. I really like the dual-ended packaging. My brows looked pretty good today and lasted through my lunchtime workout, something my powder never does.
– I received the L’Oreal Infalliable eyeshadow in a sparkly, dark blue, which kind of terrified me. But, I smudged it on as a liner this morning and it looks great! It reads as much more of a gray-blue on me.
– I’m obsessed with the Revlon lip balm stains – I already owned three – but the shade I received is a super light peach-y color and didn’t even show up on my lips. So, when life gives you lemons… I rubbed it on this morning as blush and actually love how it turned out. I just did big circles on the apples of my cheeks and blended – it gives a little bit of sheer color (especially good paired with a more dramatic eye) and is long-lasting.
– The Living Proof Prime, aka the reason I got sucked into these boxes in the first place, is great. I LOVE the smell. I’m on second day hair and it’s holding up a little better than it usually does. I feel like I have to try this in a lot of different conditions (air dry, blow dry, combine with different styling products, etc) before I make a verdict, but I’m thinking I kind of love it.

I wanted to use 300 of my points for this order and put the whopping $0.59 on the card I use for my subscription, but couldn’t figure out my way around that. The website kept on making me use 400 points, and there was no way I was going to use 400 points on a $30.59 purchase! So I paid for it out of pocket – adding a few more points to my hoard. I’m up to $110 in points right now – at this point, just waiting for my 13-month anniversary code (25% off, I believe?) so I can go on a shopping spree.

[EDITED TO ADD: Don’t worry, it’s all good on the no-buy front. These were purchased right around mid-July, when the boxes first came out.]

Here’s what my order ended up looking like:

Product Name Price Qty Subtotal
Limited Edition: Mass Appeal – Birchbox for CEW $12.00 Ordered: 1
Shipped: 1
Limited Edition: Prestige Headliners – Birchbox for CEW $18.00 Ordered: 1
Shipped: 1
LA FRESH® Instant Body Soother $9.99 Ordered: 1
Shipped: 1
Pick Two Sample Pack (free with $35+ order)

I Coloniali Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb & theBalm® cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
$10.00 Ordered: 1
Shipped: 1
Subtotal $49.99
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount (CEW Prestige & Mass Boxes Offer, 15% off for Seventeen Magazine, 7teen15, Free Sample Pack with Purchase) -$19.40
Grand Total $30.59