Can we do it? We definitely NEED to do it. We’ve been on a bit of a roll with sub boxes and make-up bonus buys and coupons as far as the eye can see. Not to mention the constant traveling for work that results in those adorable, to-die-for bottles of shampoo and body wash.

So we’ve decided August will be a NO BUY month for us. No clothes (not that that’s ever a huge draw for our dollars anyways), no beauty or personal care or skin care products, no matter how discounted, couponed, extra-pointed or whatever, they happen to be (sob).

The two exceptions will be birdie’s August Birchbox (an annual sub – paid a long time ago in a definitive NON no buy month, thankyouverymuch!) and bijou’s August Julep Maven box, which was technically picked out and purchased in July.

We figure a “public” proclamation will help keep us on the straight and narrow. We’ll check in and report back on our progress (or, lack of progress, right?) as the month goes by.

Have you ever done a no-buy month (or longer) before?