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You guys. We’re back! I mean, not like we even dare to assume that we have regular readers/followers who missed us, but WE missed us, you know? Life gets in the way and the little things we love – like blogging about beauty! – tend to fall by the wayside. The past few months have been … challenging, life-wise. For both of us. But we’re back and regular posts will resume next week.

First things first – remember our New Year’s resolution to be one of those girls who always has nice nails? And the fab nail polish organizing scheme we came up with to hold our quickly growing polish collection? Well, whilst perusing our photos on the trusty iPhone, we realized we had actually been keeping our resolution. Check out some of the nail looks we’ve tried during 2013 so far…

Nail CollageThe polish we reach for the most is definitely Ginger by Julep (center photo in the collage). It’s a gorgeous neutral with major staying power. It’s classy and low-key enough for the workplace, but has a fun shimmer to it. Julep describes it as a “sand holographic” but I’ve seen comments from other bloggers who’ve said that it really can’t be considered a true holo but is actually more of a duochrome.

There will be some new looks and reviews coming up, too. We caved and ordered the August Julep Maven box (Classic With a Twist) AND added on the Champagne Trio because, um, how could we not? Sparkly, sparkly, sparkly!! Can’t wait to get our hands on these beauties.

PS – Confused about nail polish finishes? Us too. Thankfully, there are some majorly awesome nail bloggers out there with detailed explanations – here is a great one by Nihrida.

PPS – There will be some admin changes around the blog. Again, not that we would assume anyone would notice, but we wanted to make changes that better reflect who we are and what we are about. Since there are two of us, and we are fond of the royal “we”, we’ll be reverting to that type of language when it’s a post written/edited by both of us AND/OR a post that covers a viewpoint shared by both of us. Posts that are written by only one of us will be signed either “birdie” or “bijou”. Also, we’ll be doing our best to pump it up in the photo department.