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I’ve been obsessed for a while with CoverGirl’s Intense ShadowBlast Cream Eyeshadow in Beige Blaze. Yes, it’s a pretty champagne color on its own, but the real secret is that these eyeshadows have primer built right in, and when used as a foundation for a more intense eye look, they are hands down the best eyeshadow primer I’ve ever used.

I was loyal for quite some time to a MAC primer but after losing the top and having the product completely dry out on me, I decided to look for a more budget-friendly alternative. I read about these CoverGirl shadows on the Makeup & Beauty Blog (one of my faves, definitely check it out) and figured the worst case scenario would be that I’d be out just a few bucks if it didn’t work.

IMG_0212Well, it did work, and phenomenally, at that. This is one of the few products I literally use every day. Everything else – from foundation to mascara, skin products and blush – I rotate around and play with, depending on my mood and the overall look I want to achieve. But my trusty CoverGirl eyeshadow in Beige Blaze is the one constant in my everyday makeup.

IMG_0209I was scraping the bottom of the barrel on my current shadow, so decided it was time for a refresh (and really, I probably don’t buy new ones as often as I should, given the potential germ factor of using a wand applicator every day). Walgreens was having buy one, get one 50% on CoverGirl products *and* I had a coupon, so for a mere $8, I have added a new Beige Blaze (shimmery champagne neutral gorgeousness) and am also trying out Forever Pink (a very, very light pink which I figure will be good for the purple eye looks that I love).

I can’t recommend these highly enough – they are a great product to have on hand for a whole range of eye looks, and the built-in primer is amazing. My eyes look as flawless and un-creased at night as they did when I applied my makeup in the morning.