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I think I’ve mentioned here before that one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 was to be one of those girls that always has nice nails. Not even necessarily always painted nails, but just – nice looking. No more raggedy cuticles or small stumps of nail left post-biting/chewing/whatever bad habit I happen to be obsessed with that week.

To that end, I’ve been pumping up my nail polish/manicure tools collection (mostly via my Julep Maven subscription and other beauty subs). My collection was quickly outgrowing the re-purposed glass vase I had been using to house them *and* I had been having a serious case of spring fever, aka clean and organize everything in sight.

IMG_0273All of my nail polish “soldiers” lined up and ready to be organized! It would probably be helpful if I had taken a picture of my previous organization scheme, for “before” and “after” purposes. But I’m just not a helpful beauty blogger like that.

IMG_0262I bought some plain white address labels and cut them into strips. Each piece got two dabs of different polish, and I cut them in two from there, so they would easily fit on top of each polish bottle. And now, when I pull open the drawer that I’ve claimed as my official Nail Polish Drawer (thankfully, I don’t think my husband has even noticed yet), there is organization as far as the eye can see…

IMG_0276Ta Da! I don’t know why this makes me so ridiculously happy, but it does. I think because it means, not only am I a Girl With Nice Nails, but I also have a Nail Polish Drawer. I don’t know, it all seems so official and adult-ish.

Right now, I’m running at about 40 different colors, not including the top and bottom coats, and other treatments. I keep those in a different area under my sink – but they are in a pretty make-up bag! – so I can just grab the color of polish I want to use and then grab the “treatment” bag that has everything I need already in it.

I’m curious because I’ve seen some MAJOR polish hoard pics online – how many nail polishes do you own? And how do you keep them organized?