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This month’s Birchbox was a collab/partnership with Women’s Health magazine. Every box included a card that was good for a one-year subscription. I used to subscribe to Women’s Health – and loved it – but let it lapse after some financial issues arose and I needed to cut back on “fun” things. I’m looking forward to receiving it regularly again.

IMG_0219The Women’s Health branded “sleeve” that my Birchbox arrived wrapped in.

IMG_0224My card, outlining the products inside my box. Aka, I love me some digital macro setting on my camera.

IMG_0236From left to right: Hail Merry Macaroons, Malin+Goetz body moisturizer, Ruby Wing color changing nail polish.

IMG_0237From left to right: Malin+Goetz moisturizer, Ruby Wing color changing nail polish, Supergoop! eye cream, Nexxus Youth Renewal hair serum.

I feel like my Birchbox subscription has really hit its stride lately. It’s long been one of my favorites but I was in LOVE with my February box and March’s box was also pretty great.

April’s box was a good mix of the fun & frivolous (color changing nail polish), some potential HG hair serum (Nexxus Youth Renewal serum), and some basics that are always good to add to my beauty stash (Supergoop! eye cream and Malin+Goetz body moisturizer). I am planning on passing the macaroons on to my sister, who has so many food allergies it isn’t even funny, because I know she will enjoy them and its rare to find treats she can eat.

The Nexxus Youth Renewal serum is a great find – and a full-size version is on its way to me via the Allure Summer Beauty Box. It seems like “anti-aging” hair products are everywhere these days. I don’t know how much basis in science they have – I’m quite a few years removed from biology class, but isn’t hair essentially dead protein? So how can we make it healthier if its already dead? – but the products I’ve tried so far, including this one, have definitely made my hair soft and shiny. I’m always on the lookout for products that work well for both blowouts (somewhat rare, these days) and sleep-on-hair-wet-hope-for-best waves.

My other fave from the box is the color changing nail polish. It’s absolutely mesmerizing and will be perfect for a summer pedicure. The shade I received goes from bright (highlighter bright) pink to a deep purple color. Both are gorgeous and despite the fact that I’m not 9 years old, it sure is fun watching it do its thing and change colors.