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Actually, I’m not a big fan of cats. Why not whiskers on puppies, Julie Andrews? Ahh wrinkly puppy faces with their sweet little puppy breath. Raindrops on roses are good, though. Ermm, yes, so anyways, here are a few of my favorite things right now.

Current FavesMissha BB Cream
I had never heard of Missha until I became a regular reader of Makeup Talk (MUT to those in the know). It has many dedicated fans and after hearing about it so often, I checked out the website. After signing up for Missha’s email list, I received an offer for a free tube of their Perfect Cover BB Cream. I think there was a small minimum purchase involved, but with a 50 ml tube normally costing around $29, it was a great deal. The Perfect Cover is hands down the best BB cream I’ve tried, and I find myself reaching for it over the regular foundations in my arsenal time and time again. It does have a pale cast to it when first applying, but it adjusts to the wearer’s skin tone and ends up looking even-toned and natural. Missha is a South Korean brand and I’ve never seen it anywhere but online.

Orofludio Hair Mask
Full disclosure – the only reason I bought this was because it cost $22.99 and I needed 22 Birchbox points to get me to my next reward level. And I’m super OCD and the fact I had an odd number of points really bothered me. But, I gravitated towards this because it had great reviews and I have to say, I’m a fan. I love trying new hair products and this mask is a splurge-worthy buy. It smells amazing – a little heavier than normal hair products, sort of a sophisticated amber scent. It’s actually quite light, considering its a mask, and I usually apply two palmfuls of product to my hair. It leaves hair soft and healthy-looking and the scent definitely remains. This was a downside to some, based on the reviews, but it doesn’t bother me.

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep Conditioning Shine Mask
Let the record show that I am a sucker for drugstore products that are billed as working just like higher-end products. I’m a huge fan of the Suave Professionals Keratin line (which is supposed to be similar to/work just as well as Keratese) and when I saw they were expanding with a new Moroccan Oil line (which is supposed to be a dupe for the MoroccanOil line), I jumped on it. This is another product with a strong scent – but I like it. To me, it reads as sophisticated and exotic, not overpowering. I’ve been using this mask in conjunction with different shampoos, but I’d like to get the Suave Moroccan shampoo to see if that will really take the results to the next level.

What are YOUR favorite things right now? Beauty or otherwise?