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(Image courtesy of GarnierUSA.com)

I’m getting a little panicky because I read over the weekend that DD Cream is the latest and greatest, and I’m still only on BB cream… But, the good news is, I have a new favorite to add to my arsenal: Garnier Oil-Free BB Cream. It makes my skin look like a better version of itself (translation: no dreaded “mask” effect) and it retails for $12.99, which makes it a very affordable option amidst the hundreds of BB creams that have flooded the market lately.

I had originally tried a tiny sample of this BB Cream from a magazine insert (I love those, btw. Whoever invented them should get an award.) but I didn’t really care for it. Or, I thought I didn’t care for it. But when I had the chance to try it out via my role as a BzzAgent, I decided to give it another shot and I’ve had nothing but great results.

The consistency is actually pretty runny – I’ve been storing it sideways in my makeup bag so I don’t get it all over myself when I put it on in the mornings. But I’ve been reaching for this consistently, over all my other foundation & foundation-esque items.

Even with the runny consistency, I still like to mix it with a tiny amount of oil-free mattifying moisturizer. It thins it out just a little bit more and enables me to apply it to my face easily. I think it just looks that much more “natural”. And now that the dog days of summer are so close, I’m definitely embracing the natural, “no-makeup” look.

Here are the official deets on this product, via Garnier:

  • Works on combination to oily skin with three shades: Light/Medium (this is the shade I tried), Medium/Deep, and Deep
  • Features an ultra absorbent formula and contains mineral Perlite, which retains twice its weight in oil and water
  • Is formulated with sheer natural mineral pigments, so you’ll get a natural matte finish with each use (I can vouch for this – it’s very natural and leans towards “matte”, instead of “dewy”)
  • Is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic: it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts
  • Is oil-free, non-greasy

Disclaimer: I was provided this product, potentially for review, via my role as a BzzAgent. However, this is MY blog, and all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.