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Fabulous, Harry – I love the feathers!

Jasmine CollectionIf you’re between the ages of 10 & 40, you probably get the reference above. I seriously cannot use the Princess Jasmine Disney-Sephora makeup collab without that song running through my head (he’s got the monkeys! let’s see the monkeys!)

Admittedly, this is genius, genius marketing right here. A whole generation of girls – like myself – who grew up with Disney princess both old (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) and new (Ariel, Belle, Jasmine) are now adults. Makeup-wearing, makeup-buying adults. And, let’s face it, who among us isn’t tempted to think that they are actually a princess in disguise? Personally, I was about 11 when I realized that my real, royal parents were not going to come and reclaim me. (And this was well before The Princess Diaries came out – I had an active imagination to say the least).

Thanks to my amazing inside connection at Disney, I was able to get my hands on the Storybook Eyeshadow Palette, the One is Never Enough Nail Set, and the Three Wishes Eyeliner Set. In typical Disney fashion, every last detail of these products is accounted for. The shades all have clever, movie-appropriate names. The barcode is even in the shape of a genie. This is definitely fabulous territory we’re in, Harry.

But it’s not just lip service – these are great products. The eyeshadow palette is GORGEOUS. The packaging is absolutely exquisite (I just couldn’t get pictures on my camera to do them justice – better pictures can be found here, here and here) and the shadows apply well and look fantastic. I’ve been experimenting with the eyeshadows quite a bit – I love a bold eye, and this assortment is perfect for that.

My one disappointment was that the nail polishes I’ve tried so far do not have good wear time. Or rather, I have not yet experienced good wear time with them. But the colors are gorgeous and the quest continues.

I’ve heard rumors online that the next Princess collaboration is going to be Ariel. Rest assured, I will be ALL over that. I spent most of 1990 being convinced that I was destined to be a mermaid. (Active imagination, remember?)

Have you tried any of the Princess Jasmine products? Who is your fave Disney princess?