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Graze is a snack delivery service that is based in England but currently ships (limited) subscriptions to the United States. I initially read about Graze on MakeupTalk and was intrigued – a variety (4) of snacks, delivered to my door, weekly for $5? Sign me up.


Graze boxes are slim enough to fit into a standard-sized mailbox. And since they are sent via Air Mail, it just feels kind of fancy. And in my book, fancy and British are two of the most fabulous things you could possibly be in life.


Each Graze box contains four different snacks. Graze’s website interface is quite good and you can indicate what kind of snacks you’d be interested in trying and “trash” those that don’t sound good or have ingredients that you don’t want.


They are packaged in little pouches that you can take on the go – I have been grabbing whichever two sound most appealing, and sticking them in my purse. Nothing worse than being starving and not having a snack on hand.

IMG_9716 IMG_9717

I adore these “flapjacks” – aka, granola bars.  Like pretty much everything English, they are a million times better than typical similar American products.

IMG_9718 IMG_9719

I am loving the different nut selections and trail mix type snacks. There are lots of unique offerings that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

My second Graze box came roughly a week after the first. Sadly, I only got to try out one of these – my husband beat me to the punch on the others. But since that was part of my original goal – to have healthy snacks around, especially for him – it all works out okay.

IMG_9795 IMG_9798 IMG_9799 IMG_9801

Happily, the one I got to try was the Toffee Apple snack and it was AMAZING.

We are now on our fifth week with Graze and for only $5/week (and the option to have boxes arrive less often than weekly), I think it’s a great deal. These snacks are interesting, healthy, and varied, and much better than what I would have the time or energy to put together on my own.

If you are interested in trying out Graze, they are currently invite-only. My invitation code is: Y7N27V3, so please feel free to try it out. Would love to know if you enjoy it as much as I do.