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My little sister, knowing my love of beauty subscriptions, gifted me with a three month subscription to Beauty Army. Beauty Army is a subscription service that put you in charge (kind of) – according to their website, “[we are] a personalized beauty sample subscription service that allows you to select up to six luxury beauty samples each month for $12. We offer the luxury of choice and the best of beauty delivered to your door.”

IMG_9709 IMG_9730

This was my second box with Beauty Army (sadly, I forgot to take pictures of my first one), and it just happened to be Beauty Army’s birthday.


Which meant, instead of picking six samples, we got to pick seven! The seventh item had to be Mark mascara but you had a choice of black or brown. I chose brown, and it turned out to be my favorite product in the box. Thanks, Beauty Army!


Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub – I love the “Yes To…” line of products. I’ve used the facial wipes (in both Cucumber and Blueberry) and they are some of my favorites. This was a great product, I just wish there had been more of it. There was another in this packet for one use – but just barely.


Grand Central Beauty Active Mask Powder – Confession, I have not used this yet! There are two components to this and you have to mix it up yourself. Every time I contemplate using a facial mask, it just seems easier to grab one of the tubes I already have available than to whip something up on the spot. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually…(said the lazy beauty blogger).

IMG_9746The last few items – MARK Scanda-Lash Mascara in Brown (pink bow), ENSPRI Ultra Collagen mask (blue and white packet in back), LIPSI COSMETICS Aphrodite Powder (round – up front), WHIP HAND COSMETICS Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in Special Forces (black cap), and JONATHAN PRODUCT Dirt Texturizing Paste (white cap).

I enjoyed the Ulta Collagen mask – another one that you had to mix yourself – and got two uses out of it. The mascara is fabulous, as I’ve already mentioned. The Aphrodite Powder and Loose Pigment Eyeshadow I’ve only used once, so I don’t feel I can give a very thorough review except to say that both are extremely hard to apply due to their packaging – I feel like I ended up getting them more all over myself (and my bathroom!) than where they were supposed to be.

And I haven’t tried the Texturizing Paste yet – it’s a decent sized sample but I just haven’t had a use for it yet. Ultimately, it is probably more of a short-hair product so not a good match for me right now. I’m hiding it in my beauty stash area until I tap into my inner reserves of courage and get that sassy pixie cut.

As you might be able to tell from this review, I just wasn’t that enthused by this box. It was fine, but just fine. Which ultimately, I suppose, is my fault, since I was the one that picked it out! I probably should have skipped this month, but I did want to try the Mark mascara (and I love it, so I guess that worked out). There just wasn’t as good of a selection, I felt, as there was for my first month’s box. Fingers crossed for my next “selection window” – hopefully there will be some better options for me.